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I recently decided to join Big Brothers Big Sisters as a way to positively channel recent events going on throughout America! I am excited to have a direct impact on my Little's life and not only be a Big Sister but also a friend that they can trust and count on. If you would like to support me as I raise money for this fundraiser and send me "OVER THE EDGE", I would be very grateful! 100% of Kay Coastal Design's Mask purchase proceeds will be going straight to this fundraiser until the date of the event. Feel free to support by purchasing masks for you and your friends! Please stay happy healthy and safe in this time! All the Best to YOU! #liveinthenow


Location / Venue

Over The Edge 2020

About This Campaign



Join our tallest fundraiser and “Rappel FOR A CAUSE” down 17 stories of the Hilton Tampa Downtown. 


BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIG and join us August 22, 2020.  


No rappelling or climbing experience is required for participants. The Over the Edge staff consists of professionals with an outstanding safety record who will provide the technical expertise, training and equipment needed to perform this event.

There are only 76 "Edger" or rappel spots available and are on a first come first serve basis. 


By becoming an “Edger”, you are agreeing to raise a minimum of $1,500 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay and changing a child’s life forever!!

The children in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program will reach new heights with an adult mentor. 


Our goal is to find“Bigs” for the hundreds of “Littles” currently on our waiting list. 

Additional questions see our FAQ for more answers. 

Interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor or Tossing Your BOSS…Contact Dawn Kuhn at or call 727.351.4669.

  1. Kay Coastal Designs
    Kay Coastal Designs gave a $500 donation to support Kaylin Ingram
    Kay Coastal Designs raised money through Face Mask orders to sponsor Kaylin Ingram to rappel for Big Brother Big Sister OVER THE EDGE Fundraiser! Thank you to ALL the people that ordered custom Face Masks to raise the funds! While you are not publicly listed as sponsors toward my goal, I appreciate you! This amount covers the sum of your donations! :) Thank you!
    5 months ago · Like
  2. Ingram Injury Law
    Ingram Injury Law gave a $527.15 donation to support Kaylin Ingram
    Ingram Injury Law is HAPPY to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay! We wish you the best of everything! :)
    5 months ago · Like
  3. An anonymous donation of $500 has been made to support Kaylin Ingram
    Kay Coastal Designs is happy to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay! :)
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