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About This Campaign

Volunteer shifts for Frenchy Big Clays event.
Nov 13th
Shifts will run from:
First Shift - 10:00a-4:00p (setup, parking, & registration)
Second Shift - 1:30p-7:30pm (trappers, SWAG Bag stuffers, Hand out SWAG Bags and T-shirts, pack and clean up)

We may be able to let some volunteers/staff leave early, but everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy our evening with dinner from Frenchy's, see the awards, bid on auction items, etc.

Volunteer assignments will be based on need. You may end up performing multiple duties. Please inform us of any limitations or restrictions you may have.

Setup - unload vehicles, put up canopies, move tables and chairs, set up signs.
Parking - direct cars to park in rows, will be in the sun.
Registration - look up attendees on spreadsheet and collect missing information for check in.
Trappers - ON SHOOTING COURSE, use trapper mechanism to trigger clays to fly for shooters and record hit or miss on score cards.
SWAG Bags & T-shirts - work assembly line style to fill swag bags, and unpack shirts to 
Pack & Clean up - break down tents, pack up boxes, load vehicles, pack up tables and chairs.

Location / Venue